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Challenger 72 ft' ocean racing yacht - Licensed to carry 12 guests.

Experience the thrill on board of an Ocean going racing yacht

Challenge 72-footers were developed from the Challenge 67s and was specifically designed to be strong, safe and seaworthy in even the worst conditions and to be self-sufficient for long periods at sea, with enough fuel and water to take their crews safely to a distant port. The yachts were also designed to be relatively easy to sail and handled by crews who are not professional. An ideal yacht to experience the thrill of racing during the Galway stopover of the Volvo Ocean race.

For full details and availability email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Jeremy (00353)083 3766393. *Please enquire for rate, weekly discounts available

*Location in the UK and Ireland available for min 1/2 week charter in Ireland


Big Spirit is a 72ft steel sailing yacht built at the Devonport yards in 2000 specifically to provide the safest platform for 18 people from all walks of life to come together as a team and complete what was billed as the toughest yacht race in the world, sailing around the world against prevailing winds and currents.

Challenge Business commissioned 12 identical yachts to be built based on all the experience they had gain from already running the 1992 and 1996 Global Challenge races with the original 67ft design. The new 72ft class were built to be stronger, safer, faster and more comfortable to sail and live aboard.

Big Spirit which was originally known as Challenge Business #45 and has a very successful record having recording two safe and successful round the world races (BT Global Challenge 2000/1 and the Global Challenge 2004/5), winning the last race in 2004/2005 and is still the holder of the class record for the round the island race on the south coast.

Since purchasing Big Spirit in October 2007 it has undergone a complete refit and refurbishment (the second in it’s short life!) and is now ready for more adventures, albeit with some creature comforts thrown in to make things a little more pleasant!

The yacht now has large screen AV system with PC connectivity for everything from presentations around the 18 seat table to relaxing off watch mid Atlantic when you fancy just watching a DVD.

Air conditioning has been fitted to the saloon area making it much more comfortable when the weather is hot and sunny and three fridge freezer units, washing machine, dryer and microwave oven mean fresh food and clean clothes are always available wherever you are in the world!

The yacht is coded to MCA Cat 0, meaning it built to the standard and carries all safety equipment for operating anywhere on of the oceans of the world.

Corporate Team Building

Big Spirit offers the true team building experience working through the day to show people how working together and having to really rely on others to successfully sail the yacht.

What makes these days exceptional is having the right professional crew on board who can clearly coach, instil new confidence in people, demonstrate how technique not muscle power is the key to success and help the group gel into a true team to achieve their goals.

Most of our clients have little or no sailing experience when they arrive first thing in the morning and the initial focus is to explain the various roles and responsibilities required to sail the yacht.

Unlike smaller production boats, Big Spirit was designed to keep a full crew busy for months on end racing round the world and working as a team is the only way to make it really fly. It is a heavy manual boat that requires people to work together to raise sails, trim, helm and navigate successfully.

Our clients always finish the day feeling elated at what they have achieved, with a new appreciation of what they can accomplished when they all work together as crew.

  • Length overall: 72ft (22m)
  • Length of waterline: 61ft (19m)
  • Air draught: 95ft (29m)
  • Draught full load: 10ft (3.05m)
  • Displacement (half load): 40 tonnes
  • Ballast: 12.5 tonnes
  • Sail area (windward): 2,825ft m² (262.5m²)
  • Sail area (downwind): 4,020ft m² (373m²)
  • Water capacity: 390gal (1,775lt)
  • Fuel capacity: 475gal (2,150lt)
  • Hull: 50A mild steel
  • Deck: Stainless steel




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